Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Meet the Founder of

The founder of is a freelance business owner who started the website because Voiptoners he had tested so many VoIP providers on the market and wanted to share out his findings with all the people that need good and reliable Voip services yet affordable ones.

1. In general, what are some of the benefits in using VoIP in the first place?

People start saving money once they get started with VoIP due to its low monthly commitment compared to a normal fixed line or even a mobile. Some VoIP services provide free services if you purchase their devices one-off, such as Ooma. The VoIP utilizes your internet connection as well since I believe most of the residents or users now will surely have fiber now.

2. How did your own experience as a VoIP customer motivate you to start the site?

My first experience sucked as I had committed to a bad service. It all happened because I wanted to save costs and get the cheaper price while the provider promised on the features and reliability. Back then, there weren't as many reviews and sharing on the internet or forums, very limited information. I ended up losing more money, and it was such a frustrating experience. I thought it would be great if I picked a few providers and tested them along while giving out my experience and encounters due to my own usage and criteria. I have since become an addict and I love to try more of them to review for my site.

3. What are some of the most interesting things you've learned since starting the site?

What I love is that more and more people and users are willing to share their experience and knowledge on the VoIP providers. I believe most are still unfamiliar or not even heard of them but now all the information and knowledge are much more easily accessible. First time users can skip the pain and get what they need. More webmasters are setting up review sites, and we all can learn from different points of view, too.

4. Do you think VoIP has changed over the years, as more people have dropped landline phones for mobile phones?

Of course I do. The first thing that I had noticed is the lowering of prices for residential users. But this hasn't happened for business purposes; the price had increased, in fact, for business VoIP over the years. I believe these facts had to do with the functionality and increase of facilities to cater all the demand. Other than that, the reliability of the VoIP has vastly improved, so now the voice is much more crystal clear and stable, less jittery and delayed. Certainly the voice compression technology has improved over the years. From my observation, mobile users are utilizing VoIP app from their smartphone more than ever because of convenience and stability. I still remember my first time using a VoIP app from my smartphone 5 years back (Viber); back then, you could barely hear what the other person was saying on the line. Luckily, all these bad experience have gone away over time.

5. What else would you like people to know about your website?

I certainly hope users can benefit from what I've encountered personally. Check and read the reviews carefully if they suit your needs. Always cut out if you find that the provider failed to deliver what they promised--that's why a no contract situation is always my priority.


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