Friday, June 9, 2017

Meet Andy Williams, Author and Publisher

Andy Williams is the author and publisher of My Favorites Are The Herbivores. How To Make Friends With A Plant Eating Dinosaur, a children's fantasy book for ages 6-9. The book is available for download as a Kindle ebook.

1. Why do you think kids enjoy both fiction and nonfiction stories about dinosaurs so much?

I believe that kids feel safe about creatures that supposedly existed in the past who were frightening and dangerous. Learning about their characteristics in a secure context such as books makes children eager to confront scary issues. Kids really believe they are protected now from being conquered by dinosaurs. This especially includes making new friends and getting along with different sorts of people. A fantasy adventure such as My Favorites are the Herbivores. How to Make Friends with a Plant Eating Dinosaur will definitely help kids build boundaries to lay a strong foundation for their lives.

2. What do you like best about publishing books for children?

I felt that being the book's publisher gave me a new understanding of how children process information about life's journeys. The additional illustrations that come with book have given me expectation that this ebook has the power to uplift children's imaginations, no matter how strange they may seem to parents and other care-givers.

3. As a children's author, what are the advantages of publishing for the Kindle format?

The benefit that publishing for Kindle provides is they have a really large audience for this specific category. Further, they are keen to spread the word about books in their network once they reach a certain level of readership. This kind of PR helps authors along with their other halves to make decent income and promote the brand. Who can refuse publicity? Certainly not us!

4. What else would you like readers to know about you and your work?

As a children's fiction and non-fiction provider, I would like children and their guardians to have something interesting, such as a ten page ebook, that is accessible and affordable. Kindle does a good job with the task. Other platforms are also catching up with sort of advertising online. Children's fiction and non-fiction portray another time. It allows them to experiment with their feelings while they face different realities. One reviewer on Kindle have even given My Favorites are the Herbivores. How to Make Friends with a Plant Eating Dinosaur, a 5 star rating. It is a privilege to bring hope and a bright future to a child and have no doubt that similar minded educators feel the same as I.

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