Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Meet Christopher John Scruton of Anarchy Brothers Press

Christopher John Scruton is the owner and operator of Anarchy Brothers Press, an independent comic book publisher and digital store. Passionate about writing from the age of nine, he had a rough upbringing and often turned to comic books as a refuge away from the horror around him. He was born with a learning disorder, and in elementary school, a teacher sexually molested him. That teacher never served any time in prison, and as a result, Christopher has been distrustful of authority figures throughout his life.

In high school, Christopher was a victim of bullying, called names like "faggot" by his peers and "lost cause" by his teachers. Shy and soft-spoken, he kept his head down until graduation, at which point he matriculated into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in order to study computer animation. There, he honed his skills as an artist and expanded his mind by experimenting with substances such as marijuana and LSD.

Outside of comic books, Christopher is interested in punk music and tattoos.

1. When you were a kid, what drew you to writing as an art form?

I don't remember when what drew me to writing. All I remember is when there was computer in front of me, I began to write. I haven't stopped writing and have no plans to stop writing. If there is a day when I stopped writing, it would be the day I ran out of stories.

2. How did you decide to start writing comic books?

I started writing books. Nothing got published, but I think over time I kind of lost passion on writing books. I always loved reading comics, and I still remember every comic I read. So one day I decided: I'm going to write and create my own comics. I still love writing--it is just that I chosen a different medium.

3. How do you come up with the images for your comics?

The best way to describe this is I am creating a storyboard, and I am the director. I have to know where the camera is and how much lighting the scene needs. Sometimes there are images that don't go into comics and I have to know where I want to take this story.

4. What inspired you to start Anarchy Brothers Press, and how did you choose the name for the project?

When I was writing books, I was rejected by many, many book agencies. I thought there had to be one person out there who liked my work, but the more I got rejected, I kind of felt no one wanted to hear about what I was working on. So I decided that to hell with all the agencies who rejected me--I am going to start my own publishing company. It first started out to be an independent publishing company, and it evolved into a comic book publishing company. The name came from being a punk: I can do things for myself and the love of being that there is no government, but anarchy. Also, I dedicated this company to my brothers who are no blood related, but I feel that they are brothers from another mother.

5. What are you working on currently, and is there anything else you'd like people to know about your work?

Right now I am working on issue number 4 of Dark Web Stories. It is called The Hunters vs The Preys. It is about the story of The Most Dangerous Game but it does have a twist. It is about the rich that are willing to hunt people who are poor and not just kill them, but to bet on them on the internet on who can survives the longest.

My work is kind of dark. I don't like fan fiction, but if there is a movie or video game I played, my mind looks at it and I start to think I can create a story out it and all of it is original. For example, one of my comics, I Have No Use For A Name, is about the apocalypse. There have been many comics and movies about the apocalypse, but these other stories don't take up subjects that no one wants to talk about, like pedophilia.

I always had distrusted people of authority and that shows up a lot in my work. The thing is I don't believe if someone is a cop or the president that means you have to respect them no matter. The thing is you have to earn my respect.

Thanks, Christopher!

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