Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Women in Technology: Building a Support System

The following is a Guest Post by Aly Chiman @ Alychidesigns

We need more women in technology, but it isn't easily done without help. Here is a list of organizations in Atlanta, Georgia US that proactively support women in technology.

A Many successful people accredit some of their accomplishments to learning from others who've walked the path before them. Someone to speak for their strengths and offer support. For many, this is a mentor, supervisor, or experienced friend who can challenge them daily. Where can one find and build such a relationship? Check out this list of organizations that exist to encourage and support the next generation of women in tech.

Women in Technology (WIT)

For aspiring leaders, WIT offers access to some of Atlanta's most successful leaders in technology through its networking events. Their monthly forums offer young professionals an opportunity to hear and learn from forerunners in the industry. WIT's Girls Get IT program is designed to expose girls in middle and high school to careers in technology, and encourage them to pursue STEM majors. WIT on Campus then encourages college students in STEM majors to stay their course, post-education


Founded by Bernie Dixon, the Chairman of the Atlanta Technology Angels, Launchpad2X is a program to foster the success of female entrepreneurs and business leaders. The program is set up to expose women to some of the challenges and opportunities they will come across in running a business. Participants in the program are given the chance to interact with investors, successful entrepreneurs, and professional service companies to build a network and grow their chances of success. Most importantly, the women receive individual coaching not only on starting a business, but also on becoming a strong and successful CEO.

Startup Chicks

Startup Chicks exists to inspire and encourage female entrepreneurs of varying levels to be confident in building their businesses. Members are exposed to invaluable mentoring relationships and potential investors, while meeting on a regular basis in small groups to support and learn from each other. Quarterly networking events allow members to introduce their companies to some of Atlanta's top technology and business leaders. Startup Chicks also offers an intensive accelerator program known as Hatch for promising entrepreneurs to learn the basics of pitching and financing.

Women Who Code

Women who are interested in developing the skills they need for advancing in a technology career will find a wealth of resources with Women Who Code. The organization holds socials and hack nights that are ideal for women looking to be part of a community that codes. They also offer technical study groups and workshops on career development in the tech industry. Meetings are a chance to expand your network of professional coders and learn from each other.

Rails Girls Atlanta

Rails Girls creates an intentional and inclusive community for women who code. They offer a safe and fun environment for women of varying skill levels to pursue their interests in programming. With a diverse set of coaches and speakers, Rails Girls meetings offers participants a chance to expand their skill sets, professional networks and community of coders.

Your journey in technology doesn't have to be a lonely one. Venture out and get connected with individuals and organizations to help you thrive in the field. As you have read, there are communities out there rooting for you. Get plugged in, because when you do, you will find that you are not alone after all.

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