Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Meet Tabby Noorbakhsh, Artist

TJ Source is an Etsy shop where you can experience art on a personal level through a unique collection of stylish purses, phone cases, neck ties, and jewelry featuring the art of Tabby Noorbakhsh. TJ Source is made up of dynamic duo Tabby and Jose, who are partners in both life and business.

Tabby's art style encapsulates the bright colors and fun, flirty lifestyle of Miami and her work has been featured for Miami Art Basel 2015 At Art Fusion Galleries in the Wynwood Arts District, the world's largest art exchange. Her original vibrant paintings are exhibited throughout South Florida and we are proud to now be able to offer products that showcase her happy paintings and inspiring color arrays.

Tabby and Jose believe that art can be used as a form of therapy, and their wearable art goods can deliver healing and positive energy while also being fun and fashionable. They love the synergy of this work and how elements from so many industries can be combined to deliver outstanding quality products to their customers at

1. What inspired you to create fashion and home decor product featuring your artwork?

My inspiration to feature my artwork on everyday merchandise and fashion goods like handbags is my spirituality and connection to the earth. I express my connection with our earth through my paintings. Identifying my strengths and honing on them has helped shape this business.

In a stroke of good luck, my real life experiences synchronized, and it all started with art shows exhibiting original art and proliferated to jumbo office bags made of leather showcasing my art designs on a functional fashion medium. The art purses function as a modern day walking canvas.

The first thing I ever merchandised was a mug for a friend's birthday showcasing a butterfly, an orchid, and her name on it. It brought such joy opening the package and took me to my happy place from my childhood. Later, I discovered the same elation and joy as, over time, I put the art on new things and it's like instant gratification to see the art on quality and durable handbags. Having experience as a commercial and print model with years of modeling other designers' clothing and accessories lines, like my favorite MOGRA of South Miami, gave me exposure to the best of fashion that I am lucky to translate into my own merchandising line now.

2. When you create a piece of art, do you have particular ideas in mind for how you might incorporate it into a product, or do you tend to create your artwork freely and then see how it might work with your product line?

Typically, I do the art piece with three or four different concepts in mind. I like to use stretched canvas with acrylic paint and other mediums that create texture and shine, and I often do several varieties in a set for exhibiting purposes. Recently, I started working backwards and have an upcoming new product launch that I created from the handbags reversed to the art.

I am in the process of designing four to five pop-art styles, Leaves of Change, exploring everyday wardrobe colors with a splash of added vibrancy for some good vibes. The latest designs will be launched in Summer 2017.

Painting is what keeps the entrepreneur spirit alive inside me--it's what makes me different and just helps things tick. Creating durable handbags makes me happy because I feel I'm making a functional, authentic contribution to society. Every woman and man needs another handbag, let's face it! It is the way we privileged humans prefer things: no matter how many handbags we have, we always want what's new and cool. Our team thinks we created just that, the something NEW thats fun AND functional. We are constantly trying to fulfill our clients' needs with color to their wardrobe. I've used my unique design clutch handbag, and I've noticed it's very functional, and the double handle helps with the durability. The zipper is durable: my keys and cell phone are always tucked inside the compartment and my credit cards and ID are safely concealed in the secret pockets. I stand by my products' durability.

3. How does living in Miami influence you as an artist?

Living in Miami is a great breath of fresh air that helps me get inspiration for my new creations. The gorgeous environment is tremendously impactful on me as an artist. I love the weather with the warm tropical temperatures and soft nature colors of the ocean meeting the sky. Miami is a timeless place where weeks turn into months and months turn into years effortlessly and without resistance. I am lucky to have found a wonderful and compatible life partner, Jose, who makes the South Florida experience that more aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. What I love most about Miami besides my wonderful family is the sheer beauty of the beaches, city and downtown life, mixture of people, fusion of arts and culture and Latin swing.

4. Why did you chose Etsy as a platform, and how do you choose the designs and products to feature in your shop?

I chose Etsy because it is unique, represents self expression, and caters towards creativity and originality. I love the versatility of Etsy and the easy to navigate features. I have piece of mind with this platform because I know my clients' transactions are secure. I also know that as a small business owner, my marketing budget is spent well because I see results in my sales through their ads and analytics.

My goal is to expand to new platforms like next because we have lots of new designs coming up. Our goal is to really take advantage of technology because we are lucky enough to be able to utilize so many great resources, literally at the tip of our fingertips.

5. Would you tell us a little more about the way that you see art as therapeutic and how you hope customers will experience and enjoy your products?

I see my art as connecting nature with spirit. It is a form of visual and emotional healing because art does heal the body, mind, and soul of a person from the inside and out. Art is non verbal communication the unites the divided in times of verbal and physical conflict. Certain colors can have a positive effect on mood and emotions. I hope to channel soothing nature tones and colors into each painting that the viewer can take in for mood restorative therapy. The colorful art on purses, cufflinks, etc. can have an uplifting and happy effect on a person's mood.

Thanks, Tabby!

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