Sunday, February 12, 2017

Meet Lunden De'Leon, Actress

Actress Lunden De'Leon has played a number of diverse roles in television and film ranging from a caring therapist (Somebody's Child), to a young African mother (Vital Signs) and a sexy villain (Cryptz). Yet over and over again, the actress wins over audiences by making these characters very memorable. After taking on small roles in film and television, De'Leon began to transition into leading roles on the small screen. She soon landed bigger roles and gained worldwide recognition portraying the role of Joanne Mbutu on the television series Vital Signs. De'Leon later went on to appear in over 50 movies and television shows working alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Just recently, De'Leon starred in the romantic comedy An Inherited Life, portraying the role stylish lawyer, Bianca Wallace. Whether it's a thriller, a funny comedy, or a tear-jerking drama, De'Leon has done it all. When asked what's next for the actress she replies, "I'm currently revamping my cosmetic line 'Lunden De'Leon Cosmetics', as well as working with a few charities in South Carolina. So I'm juggling a number of great things right now."

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1. What do you enjoy most about acting?

I enjoy analyzing my character and becoming that character while staying as organic as possible.

2. How have your experiences differed when it comes to working on movie projects contrasted with working on TV projects?

I appreciate both film and television. I'm just thankful to be working. However, I can take more creative risks in film, so that gives it a little edge.

3. Would you tell us a bit more about your cosmetics line?

I started Lunden De'Leon Cosmetics years ago but decided to revamp it around Christmas time. The line offers a variation of beautiful shades for darker skin tones.

4. What are some of the charities in South Carolina that are dearest to your heart?

I dedicate my time or money to a number of charities in South Carolina. I know what it's like to struggle; therefore, I have to give back. From homeless to helping at risk youth--it's all dear to my heart.

5. Do you have any projects you're especially looking forward to in 2017 and beyond?

I have two movies coming out in 2017: a horror movie called The Lake House which should hit theaters this fall and a romantic comedy for television called An Inherited Life.

Thanks, Lunden!

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