Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Meet Michelle, Blogger at What Matters to Mommy

Michelle is the founder of What Matters To Mommy, blog which focuses on issues and concerns that affect moms everywhere, with the particular goals of helping readers save time and money.

Writing from her own experience developing new sources of income, Michelle shares her "cash flow summaries" every month, to show how she is making money from home and to inspire readers who want to find their own ways to spend more time with their families by transitioning to working from home.

1. When did you first start making side income by working from home?

I've tried a lot of things to make side income from home, but my first real successful project was my laundry business that I started in June 2015.

2. Why did you decide to share your experiences through your What Matters to Mommy blog?

I'm always researching ways to make my dreams come true. I read quite a few other blogs before I even realized what a blog was. I was trying to find a way to stay home with my kids and still support my family. One day it occurred to me that I couldn't be the only one on the planet who wanted freedom from the 9 to 5, and I became determined to find that freedom and to share my journey with anyone else who was looking. Thus, What Matters To Mommy as born. :)

3. What are some of the side gigs that you most enjoy?

I love the puzzle of building my website. I enjoy the excitement of trying something I've never tried before and getting a great final product. I guess that probably comes from my background as a science major. My blog is an experiment. :)

I also get super motivated when I get feedback from my readers that they tried one of my suggestions or they read one of my posts and it really helped them out.

4. For people who are just getting started in making money from home, what are some opportunities or types of work that you recommend for newbies?

This is such a hard question to answer. Every person is different. I guess I would have to say that making money from home is similar to working out. All of the best suggestions in the world won't mean anything unless you're actually going to do them, so my advice is to find something that you love doing. If you love what you do, your motivation will come naturally.

5. I know a lot of people who have tried various ways to make money online and have given up when they only made a few dollars (or pennies!). What's your advice for making at least enough money to make a dent in the grocery bill?

Making money online doesn't happen overnight. It's not a get rich scheme. You have to stick it out until all of your hard work pays off. That could be months, or that could be years. It's just like going to college. You study for years knowing that when you finish, then you'll be making money. You have to learn the ropes before you can become successful.

If you're looking to make money a little faster, then try a side hustle instead. Driver for Uber, wash laundry for Laundry Clink, or sell baked goods to friends.

Thanks, Michelle!

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