Monday, November 21, 2016

Meet Pierce Lilholt, Entrepreneur

Pierce Lilholt is a serial entrepreneur. He creates companies and brands. In his free time, he likes to play the piano. To learn more about him and his work, please visit

1. What drew you toward media and communications as you built your career?

Media and communications are fun! 2. Would you tell us a little more about Lilholt Technology Solutions LLC and the work you do with software and other technology?

Lilholt Technology Solutions LLC is an internationally diversified software development and information technology company. Lilholt Technology Solutions is launching an app in conjunction with the media giant Universal Language Productions. With Universal Language Productions as a branding and content syndication partner, Lilholt Technology Solutions plans to leverage the ULP network to launch the ULP TV app. The first launch phase of the ULP TV app includes a multi-platform rollout across Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android, as well as a fully functional experience on web browsers at

3. As a serial entrepreneur, how do you choose the projects you wish to become involved in?

I choose projects based on their FV. FV is term used a lot at Universal Language Productions. FV, or Fun Value, is a percentage based on an individual's FVI (Fun Value Index). Everyone has a different FVI, because everyone has a different idea of fun. What someone might find fun, another person might find scary, overly stimulating, or downright boring. When I am choosing a project, I disregard my own FVI, and I consider the potential FV that the results of the project will have based on the FVI of the target market. If it is not fun, I don't touch it. If the FV is high, I am all over it. It's all about the fun!

4. What projects are you currently working on?

The project I am most excited about is ULP TV. ULP TV makes watching TV easy and fun. Unlike Netflix or other streaming services where you have to know what you want to watch and then search for or browse for the titles of shows you want to watch, ULP TV allows you to flip through channels like you are watching cable TV. Searching for something to watch isn't fun. ULP TV is a container app, so anyone can make a channel and syndicate content they want to watch to custom tailor their experience and watch the shows that they think are fun. Friends, family, and people all over the world can tune in to watch your syndications. You don't need to make a channel to start watching. The channels are organized in ways which are conducive to the easiest possible watching experience. People often wonder why you can't filter out all of the four and five star reviewed movies on Netflix. I think it is pretty obvious. I believe that if I filtered out all of the four or five star movies and TV shows on Netflix, I would watch all of the highly rated movies and TV shows and never even peek at the titles with poor ratings. In my opinion, that would make Netflix seem much less valuable. With ULP TV, you can see what is popular, and watch what is good. ULP TV is just plain FUN!

5. Do you have any plans for 2017 that are particularly exciting for you?

I only have one plan for 2017. I plan on having the most fun in 2017! Now, that's exciting!

Thanks, Pierce!

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