Sunday, November 6, 2016

Meet JC, Voice Over Professional

JC has been a voice over professional since 2011. His voice over experience has included a range of projects, from explainer videos to ebook narration (small to large) as well as phone scripts, sales videos, elearning, and so much more.

You can hire JC through the freelance platform Fiverr, where to date he has completed over 100 projects with 100% client satisfaction. Learn more by visiting

1. How did you first get into doing voice over work?

I started doing voice over in 2011 as I was looking to make extra money. Many people throughout the years have come up to me and told me I had a great radio voice, so I decided, after hearing about Fiverr, to give it a try.

From 2011 to 2015 I dabbled in voice over projects off and on without putting any serious effort into it, and I always received great reviews.

In January 2016, a friend and I were having a conversation, and in so many words or less, my friend told me I should get serious about voice over work as I could build a great reputation for myself. So, I got busy and started working hard at growing my online presence in voice over.

2. What inspired you to choose Fiverr as a platform for offering your voice over services?

The reason I choose Fiverr is I have heard so much about the platform from many other marketers and how it was a great place to buy services for various online tasks. After checking it out, I realized I could be a seller and start voice over projects, and voila here I am. :)

3. In addition to recording voice tracks for videos (which I'm assuming is your most requested service, but please correct me if I'm wrong!), what are some of the types of recordings that you've been hired to do?

So far I have been involved in video voice over projects but this has only been more lately. In the past six months to date, I have been involved in advertising projects, motivational projects (lots of them), spiritual projects, sales page voice overs, and ecourses in teaching people how to learn internet marketing, use online services and use software programs. I have also done phone scripts and acting projects (even though I am not officially a voice actor). I even did a project for the city of Chicago which was amazing, and I have turned eBooks into audio books for various clients (small and large projects).

4. In your opinion, what are some qualities that give a recording a professional feel?

In my opinion, caring about the project is number one. Even if you don't care for the actual content, you need to care about the end result the client is looking for. Learning breathing techniques, and having an excellent quality microphone and setup is also very important to the success of the project.

It's crucial to maintain a professional attitude throughout the project regardless if it is a $5 gig or a $5000 gig; I treat them all with the same quality and always give 150% so every project is a success.

5. How do you approach each individual project to make sure you're capturing what the customer wants in the recording?

I could get the same project from different clients and each client would want a different ending result. That is an example to make a point, as getting the same project from different people doesn't happen, of course. But there are similar projects that people look for, and as I said, they all have different ending results they are looking for, so my commitment on every project is to keep open communication and keep my clients informed throughout the process and ask questions to confirm what they are looking for at certain points in projects (when necessary).

When I am not 100% sure about a voice over project, I will send a part of the project to the client for review so they can give me feedback on whether I am on the right track as I should leave nothing to chance.

The one main thing I offer is unlimited revisions even after the gig is completed and closed. Also, I offer revisions regardless if it is my error or changes they want to make after listening to the project. My clients have been very happy with this added benefit, and just the same I rarely have too many revisions and 99% of the ones I do are due to changes the client makes.

Thanks, JC!

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