Friday, October 21, 2016

Meet Husnain Minawala, Blogger and Social Media Expert

In 2010 a digital agency was born Mystic Social Media, which was rebranded as Mystic Advertising later. Husnain Minawala is the director of this company, and in 2013, he launched a portal for all bloggers. In 2014 Mystic Advertising LLC opened its office in Dubai U.A.E.

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1. How did you first become interested in blogging?

Traveling has always been my passion because the peace it brings to one's soul is commendable. Like it's said, if traveling were free, you wouldn't get to see me. Traveling has taught me how to enjoy the "me" time, and when it became an essential part of my life, I decided to make it a bigger part by blogging about it.

I want every soul to feel the beauty of this world. If my blog gives birth to the love for nature, then I consider every penny spent as a lifelong investment. So basically I started blogging to share the love for nature.

2. How has your blog evolved from when you first started it to today?

Well, initially it wasn't as big as it is now; good things take time, and big things start small. Similarly, it started with passion, and it keeps blooming each day. With time I discovered love for various things, technology being a lead, so I decided to make it a part of the blog. What I learned over time was how to evaluate the interest of my readers. Let's put it like this: for a traveler it's important to capture the mesmerizing beauty forever, which came with the concept of photography, hence cameras and the change in techniques and products to my interest in technology. I have learned how to direct my passion in the right direction on the blog.

3. What is your advice to individuals who want to increase their social media presence and gain more blog readers, more Instagram followers, etc?

For anyone who wants to go big with their blog, they should publish more and more. The bigger the content, the better the visibility. Sharing is the key: you want to be the ultimate resource for your audience and motivate them to share your content on their networks, so make sharing easy. A user friendly and engaging site is IMPORTANT. And PHOTOS. Use them, use them wisely.

There is so much to be done; for beginners, let's keep it easy and achievable.

4. What are some similarities and differences in the way an individual should approach social media and the way a business (from small businesses to large companies) should approach it?

As far as the social media is concerned, one needs to understand that social media is NOT a trend; it's the reality of online existence. Once you know your answers for "where my audience is?", "how far do I want to take my business/brand?", and "how many followers am I aiming to attract?", you will know where to be on social media. Every business and individual has its own approach, depending upon the set target, so I can not really generalize the similarities. You just have got to know your work, and your work will take you where you belong.

Thanks, Husnain!

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