Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Meet Arijana Rubin of WISHRENT

Arijana Rubin is the founder and CEO of WISHRENT, the world's first and greatest online rental and selling platform for all unique and creative things. You can rent out, borrow, sell, or buy costumes, props, historical clothes, wedding & bridal dresses, LARP & cosplay items, and many other crazy things!

To learn more, visit or check out the WISHRENT page on Facebook.

1. How did you get the idea to start WISHRENT?

As a professional working model, a cosplayer and larper (Live-Action Roleplayer), I often faced the problem that I didn't have the time or the money to craft new accessories, costumes or props for my cosplays and also noticed that production companies or other cosplayers invest a lot of time and money in something they only actually use once or twice (which is a shame). I also had storage space issues--the costumes, props and other special items I possessed took up a lot of time and space. So I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if people (who own a cool costume or other special item) could rent/lend out costumes to each other for a shorter period of time? That saves not only a lot of time and money, and is sustainable but also enables creative people to earn some money with their work, without having to permanently say goodbye to their treasures. So I came up with WISHRENT, a way to rent out your personal wishes. :) We are the world's largest online platform for the rental and sales of costumes, props and other special clothes and accessories, and anyone can participate!

2. Where do people need to live to be able to use your service?

Most European countries as well as the U.S. and Canada can use my service. Here's a full list of all the countries that can currently use the service: U.S.A, Canada, UK, Germany (the main country using it currently), Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

3. What are some of the most popular items that people have been borrowing so far?

Game of Thrones Dresses and Wigs (a la Daenerys Targaryen), opulent Ballroom Dresses, Fantasy Headdresses, Mermaid Fins/Tails (that one can actually swim in), Fairytale and Princess Dresses, Evening and Wedding Dresses, Elf Armour, and more!

4. What are some benefits for people when it comes to borrowing something rather than buying it outright?

The benefits for people when it comes to borrowing rather than buying it outright are...

For Borrowers:

a.) Saving Money: The borrowers save a lot of money by borrowing. Instead of buying a ballroom dress that costs 500 Euros to buy, they can rent it for a whole week for just 40 Euros a week. Or instead of paying 1500 Euros for a wedding dress that one only needs for one day, they can rent it out on my platform for a price as little as 15 Euro a week! That's saving a lot of money!

b.) Saving Space: Borrowing frees a lot of space for the borrower! Instead of cluttering up their closets by buying a lot of things they only use a few times, they can simply rent out something for a brief while then return it, thus saving them from drowning in the clutter of their homes!

c.) Sustainability, Community and the Environment: We live in an age of over-consumption and materialism! Sharing between one another is not just more sustainable and better for the environment than buying a lot of stuff that gathers dust! You interact more with the community and get to know more people by borrowing rather than just buying!

d.) Save time: Many people make their own costumes and props. By borrowing something you can save a lot of the time spent making it!

e.) Flexibility & Variety: Since borrowing is so much cheaper than buying and you have a huge access to so many creative things--you can try out new looks, costumes or props every week without breaking the bank! That wasn't possible before because you had to buy it!

And for Lenders/Renters:

a.) Make Money: It's a much more sustainable way to make money. Instead of having special things you made or bought sitting around in the dust, you can make them go to work for you. By renting them out, you can cover what it cost to make them or buy them and even earn money. Your trash (or treasure) could be someone else's for a brief time.

b.) Lenders don't have to part with their beloved items forever like sellers have to do! :)

5. Do you have plans to continue to expand WISHRENT in the future--and is there anything else you'd like readers to know about it?

Yes, I have plans to expand WISHRENT into the future and have it reach out to every corner of the world, particularly Asia and mostly Japan (the birthplace of Cosplay!) We are covering a good portion of Europe and North America now but we want to give everyone a chance to rent out amazing things!

There are also plans to turn WISHRENT into a mobile app which is easily accessible for everyone and to institute an Escrow system for safer borrowing procedures!

I would like readers to know that...

1.) One can also SELL and BUY on WISHRENT. Yes, the core market is mostly based on rentals and borrowing, but buying and selling your creative or unique items is also a possibility we have recently introduced! :)

2.) You can save on shipping by using the map view option to find things in your area and pick them up directly from the lender or seller! By borrowing this locally, you save a lot on the shipping costs back and forth! :) Currently we have items all over Germany, but we are also waiting for input from all over the world!

3.) You can sell or lend out anything creative or unique or special on our platform!

4.) For added security regarding the lending procedures, we are asking that all lenders ask for a deposit, ship with tracking, and ask to have their items returned via shipped tracking or use one of our rental contract samples and review people honestly! Our community has so far been trustworthy and there have been no issues, but there could be future black sheep!

5.) We are young; tell your friends and family young and old! This is the most unique platform in a long time, and you won't find such special items anywhere else! :)

Thanks, Arijana!

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