Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meet Ziv Shalev, Musician

Ziv Shalev is a guitarist, composer, producer, and educator from Israel who has lived in New York City for the past 10 years. He has been working for the music production company, Studio Pros, and he has also shared the stage with a variety of top artists from America and Israel. You can learn more about him and hear samples of his work at

1. When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career as a musician?

When I was ten years old, my older brother started a band, and I was watching them rehearsing. I was fascinated by the sound and looks of the guitar. It all started then.

2. You are skilled in playing diverse genres of music. Do you have a favorite genre?

My true passion is rock. Playing with a national act--Spread Eagle--while touring across the country was a dream come true.

3. How do you find inspiration as a composer?

The inspiration to write music comes to me, and I just let it be. Love is very inspiring.

4. For young musicians who are looking to build a career as a full-time musician, what's your advice based on your own experience?

Building a good foundation is the most important thing. It's all about persistence and elbow grease. While it may seem like nothing is moving along, when you work hard every day, every day is a step toward success.

Thanks, Ziv!

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