Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Interior Design Ideas from Barbara's Design Solutions

If you're looking to bring some creativity into the spaces where you live and work, check out the interior design products for home, office, dorm, and more created by Barbara's Design Solutions.

Barb created her line of affordable artisan bathroom decor products with the idea that people should be able to take the guess work out of decorating their bathrooms and just focus on the paint. Her bathroom decor ideas include shower curtains, bath mats, wall art, soap and toothbrush dispensers, bathroom scales, and wall clocks.

Over time, Barb has created a line of Eco Friendly Aluminum Triptych Wall Art, with a variety of imagery and colors to suit many tastes. She has also designed monogrammed bath sets and coordinated black and white accessories for a classic, yet modern look. Her shop offers a unique and diverse collection of products.

By the way, if you like monogrammed products, Barb also makes monogrammed car floor mats upon request. In fact, she does a lot of products on request, so if you have an idea for art or accessories that you'd like to buy, just let her know, as she is glad to work with you on custom orders.

Learn more about Barb's products on YouTube, starting with the video below.

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