Thursday, May 5, 2016

Meet Robert, Owner of My Matcha Tea

My Matcha Tea is Australia's premier tea shop. They sell premium grade Matcha Tea blends to customers worldwide. Matcha Tea 100% pure, organic certified, vegan friendly, stone ground green tea leaves. Learn more about the shop's offerings by visiting their catalog at

Our interview is with Robert, the owner of My Matcha Tea.

1. For people who haven't tried matcha before, what are your favorite things about this type of tea?

My favorite thing about My Matcha Tea is definitely the boost of energy I get from it. Within the first seven days of drinking My Matcha Tea, I found myself more focused and engaged in what I was doing.

2. How do you choose the teas that you offer for sale in your shop?

We work closely with tea distribution farms in Japan. We look for farmers that show a real passion for the tea they grow. Our tea loving farmers are the best in the world when it comes to creating the perfect matcha tea blend.

3. What distinguishes matcha from other green teas and organic teas?

The most obvious thing that separates matcha is the look of the tea powder. It is ground into a super fine powder between granite stone, and packed fresh. The thing that gives matcha tea its bright green color is that it is grown under shade for two weeks, causing the plant to produce more antioxidants than regular green tea.

4. How did your shop first come to be, and what inspired its creation?

My Matcha Tea was created by a noticeable lack of premium matcha tea available in Australia. We wanted to make it easy and affordable for people all over the world to engage easily in this traditional Japanese art.

5. What else would you like our readers to know about My Matcha Tea?

If you've thought about trying matcha tea, now is the time. We offer a range of affordable premium tea blends with a global satisfaction guarantee.

Thanks, Robert!

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