Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Introducing Gabe K, Langley BC Realtor

Gabe Kadoranian is a real estate professional based in Langley, BC in Canada. He also serves Surrey BC, Cloverdale, White Rock, Delta, and Abbotsford. I've seen a lot of websites for real estate businesses, and his is one of the best as it is informative, offers lots of excellent pictures to let you see what properties are available, and gives you opportunities to gather more information for free (such as a free valuation to see what your house is worth on the current market). Check out his site at

Another nice feature of his site is that he has detailed sections for buyers and for sellers, and it's easy to contact him for more information and/or to get answers to any questions you might have about buying or selling a home in Langley.

A lot of people are looking to live in Langely because it's a great, quiet place for families and is ideal for commuting to Vancouver. You can find a wide variety of houses and condos, including both existing homes and new construction. The area has a strong economy and lots of shopping and amenities; plus it's a beautiful places with hundreds of acres of parks.

Gabe K has been working in real estate since 2009 and spent many years in the corporate field before that. He left his corporate career for real estate because he wanted the opportunity to work more directly with people and to give outstanding customer services to his clients. "When I discovered a career in real estate," he said, "I never looked back."

He puts a lot of emphasis on communication and building relationships. He invites potential clients to contact him any time and is always glad to sit down for a coffee and a chat about his favorite subject, real estate--or more accurately, the real estate goals of his clients.

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