Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Introducing Angela Millar Soul Art on Etsy

Everybody knows that I love Etsy shops, and even more so, I love to showcase Etsy sellers here on my blog. Most recently, I've discovered the shop of an Australian artist named Angela Millar.

Angela's work includes original paintings, travel photographs, greeting cards, and prints. Her art covers a variety of themes that reflect nature, spirituality, and mythology. I like the diversity of her work; as I scrolled through her listings, I was sometimes surprised by an image that I didn't expect. For example, paintings of Ganesh and the Buddha were followed by paintings of a regal flamingo and a smiling mermaid. Angela's image of the Buddha included in this post is called "Young Buddha."

The profile page on Angela's Etsy shop reveals that she took up art less than five years ago when she moved from Sydney to a small seaside town in New South Wales. As another person who loves the sea, I can perceive the influence of the coastal locale in her work in the swirls of color and the feelings she conveys of the natural world.

There's much to like about her work, and my own favorite pieces are the ones that depict animals, such as this beautiful peacock print of a painting called "One Hundred Eyes" which I think would appeal to art lovers of all ages, young children included.

In Angela's own words, "One of my favorite subjects to paint is Buddha, and a favorite medium is acrylic paint, I love using rich and vibrant colors thickly layering them onto the canvas to create interesting textures."

By the way, her artwork has also been published in a coffee table book called Amazing Australian Artists, compiled by This book is carried by The Art Gallery of NSW, which is a great honor for her. Angela's painting "Blue Buddha" has been used as the cover image of the inspirational book, Wisdom Within: Awakening the Empowered Woman, by L.H. Owens. I suspect that we will be seeing her work published in many more places over the next few years.

Check out and explore her work for yourself! I love that Etsy brings artists all over the world to everyone's doorstep with just a couple of clicks.

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