Friday, March 11, 2016

Introducing Health Is Wealth Designer Note Cards

Are you looking for a unique gift item for a health-conscious friend or family member? Or maybe you'd like to treat yourself to a little something to help yourself stay motivated when it comes to maintaining healthy habits? You might enjoy the Health Is Wealth collection of designer note cards from Barbara's Design Solutions on Etsy.

These note cards are scented with a variety of fragrances that evoke the natural scents of fruits. They are designed to be beautiful to the eye and pleasing to the nose. The idea of the Health Is Wealth collection is to share and enjoy cards that give a reminder of healthy eating.

Personally I like to keep blank greeting cards on hand to send for many occasions--sometimes it's nice to send a card just as an everyday way to say hello. When so many of our communications are online, it's a pleasant surprise to receive a card in the mail. The idea of scented cards reminds me of how I used to make scented sachets with my mom to give to friends as little gifts.

Along with the Health Is Wealth cards, Barb also offers other scented card collections, including the Spa Day cards for when you want to send a relaxing message to a friend, the Coffee Lovers collection of coffee-themed cards for many occasions (from birthdays to thank-yous), and the Cupcake Lovers collection.

Barb is always adding new and unique items to her shop. Learn more by reading her profile on

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