Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meet Sal Rastegar, Actor

Sal Rastegar is a new actor that has found his calling and love in portraying strong-man and mobster characters. He has a love for history, in particular US mobster scenes from the 1930s to the 1970s, and he enjoys the nostalgic and romantic era cinema in these decades. With great love of history, he envisions playing in epic films about the ancient times going back to zenith of such empires as Roman, Persian, Greek and up to Spanish civilizations. For more on what people say about Sal's acting you can listen to short radio pieces on and read this fun survey on Facebook.

But the best way to learn about Sal is to watch him at work...

1. How did you first get into acting?

By luck. I've always been lucky in getting things done when I feel it. I was asked to help produce something, and later took acting classes. I got an agent and was asked to do a scene by a good actor/friend which started it all.

2. What do you enjoy about doing mob roles?

The nostalgia of the era and the paradox of those characters: family men, passionate, loyal, and simultaneously no conscience criminals. The dichotomy is atomic pressure.

3. What kind of research do you like to do for a part?

I try not to go to the source especially if I am doing a similar role as a big star. I got the general idea and know specific stories of the time, so I look into my own experiences and my family members who are some of the toughest guys I know first. I hope to be original while I keep accomplished actors/stars in high esteem and am moved by their intensity and devotion to the skill.

4. How do you see your career growing?

My plans is to be in a Scorsese production and do several mob roles for TNT, AMC, and stations that learn about me. I also envision and expect to secure the best agents and PR pros in the business. By the way, you should let Scorsese know of my plans.

5. What are your plans and/or goals for 2016?

Several great roles for me. I expect the year to be gangbusters!

Thanks, Sal!

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