Monday, January 18, 2016

Introducing TuiLand, Chat without Registration

Do you ever feel like chatting online but don't feel like signing up for another social website? TuiLand is a web-based chat tool that doesn't require registration. You just go to, choose an avatar from a limited selection of cute, cartoony images, and then you can chat. You don't even use your real name--you use the name assigned to the avatar.

TuiLand was created with an idea in mind of the groups that form outside of the internet (classmates, work colleagues, etc). In other words, sometimes circumstances put you together with people, rather than choices based on common interests--or even geography. As anyone who has made online friends before can attest, you never know when you might meet someone with whom you end up building a lifelong friendship.

When visiting TuiLand, participants enter a social network made up of a fixed number of 32 people, equal parts men and women. The rest is totally casual. Because in TuiLand you don't use photos and real names, only avatars, you have the safety of guarding your own identity, and the freedom of chatting freely. The creators of TuiLand hope that in this new space, you can be yourself, starting from zero.

You can download the TuiLand app from Google Play, which is a fun and easy way to try chatting at different times of day when you have your phone with you and a free moment or two to try something new. Learn more about TuiLand and connect with other users in a less anonymous way on TuiLand's Facebook page.

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