Friday, January 29, 2016

Introducing Animated Explainer Videos from Again Studios

I have to admit that I'm one of those people who doesn't watch a lot of videos online, but I've always had a weakness for animated explainer videos. These videos are generally pretty short, and they have a fun feeling to them. When I see a company or nonprofit or other individual or group using an animated video to explain about their work, it makes me appreciate that someone has taken the time to share information with me in a lighthearted way.

If you're interested in utilizing this type of video to promote a project for your business, check out the work of Again Studios, a friendly group of artists and designers who specialize in animated video production and who have made countless explainer videos for businesses.

The best way to get an idea of the work of Again Studios is to watch this animated explainer video that they made about their own business.

With a short, entertaining video, you can explain important concepts to viewers and describe your products and services in a quick and easy way. These videos are a unique way to catch the attention of potential customers--and a clever video can be the key to naturally getting a bunch of shares on social media.

A lot of well-known businesses use explainer videos, and the designers at Again Studios have made videos for such companies as Google, TomTom, and TD Bank. The videos are also great for causes and especially crowdfunding projects.

Let's be honest: people who visit a website often don't read all the content on the page, but they might well click and watch a short video. Plus, people often learn best in a visual way and are likely to retain more of what they see in a video rather than content that they've read.

Again Studios is a company based in India with an international scope, and they can provide voiceover narration for their videos from native speakers of American English, British English, French, German, Hindi, and Spanish. It takes about four weeks to create a video, and clients retain full ownership/copyright of the video and can use it in all sorts of ways, from YouTube to your own website to embedding it in a slideshow.

Visit Again Studios online to ask them about your own ideas and to learn more about how they can create an explainer video for business to meet your needs.

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