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Meet Marilyn Redmond, Author

Marilyn Redmond was born in Seattle, WA and graduated from Western Washington University. She has three years of graduate work including the University of Washington, and she is a retired school teacher. She is also a candidate for a doctorate degree. Marilyn was ordained as a spiritual minister to do spiritual counseling along with instruction in healing, regression, past life therapy, and other related spiritual training. She continues to actively participate in courses and researches cutting edge information to help her clients.

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1. Would you tell us a little bit about your books that are currently available?

I have seven books on available. Five are e-books for Kindle.

The Kindle books focus on overcoming the lessons in life from trauma, drama, and disease. Taking responsibility for my thoughts, communication, and actions as part of relationships or activities is the total answer to making the changes necessary for better results. These short articles are powerful, insightful and my experience in finding answers.

These books offer spiritual solutions to typical concerns of an awareness and personal growth. All Time Victim won an international writers contest. Peace on Earth: Finding Your New Life has original charts for showing the vibrations in our growth path. Vasanas: The Gifts that Show Us the Way was published originally on the internet to show that we can overcome our shortcomings and they point out what needs to change.

Incest: Love Heals the Soul shows that it is not necessary to remain a victim and give your power to those who steal your personality and soul. Forgiveness frees the victim from the guilt and chains to move forward in a new loving way. Spiritual Alignment: Are You Ready for 2012? is a book that answers the question: Can you master your emotions instead of letting the ego continue your misery and illnesses? The new energy coming to earth allows moving into a higher consciousness of love for the first time in thousands of years.

I would also like to share about my two paperback books. These are filled with more information and are valuable books for someone engaged in personal growth or a spiritual path. Roses Have Thorns is my own story of trauma growing up and married. The poems came spontaneously to me over time while I was taking a writing course. My teacher published them because she felt the book belonged in every reception area of a counselor's office. It chronicles my childhood into my awareness. People coming into feelings and expressing themselves from conflict find it validating. The fable Delusions or Dragons has a valuable moral. It is "Make friends with fear if you want to find success." I added illustrations that are also mine.

The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm for Bringing Heaven to Earth is a timeless book. It has received five stars from three readers and praise from more people. One woman wanted to meet me after reading it, and we worked this out. It is a simple explanation of the changing energy on planet earth. The book explains reducing the influence of the ego from right, wrong, judgment, and criticism for ascending into unconditional love of a higher consciousness. Leaving the darkness of the past into the light of goodness is on our doorstep to accept and enjoy.

My forthcoming book will be out by the end of the year. Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You offers the explicit information of how to raise your thinking, communications, and actions into a loving response, instead of reacting from the fears of the past. This book explains a universal principle in each chapter with illustrations, tools, and understanding of how to employ this concept for acting in a higher, loving approach to life. It shows that our lives are based in cause and effect. When the cause is changed, the effect is more productive and rational.

2. What inspires you to sit down and write?

My inspiration comes from responding to seeing people around me unnecessarily miserable, uselessly sick, and needlessly suffering in their life.

I am an international spiritual counselor, spiritual teacher, consultant, writer, and speaker. As an ordained spiritual minister for counseling, giving readings and also a psychic and medium, I have access to higher information from the Fifth Dimension and above. I channel from "Higher Realms" to provide answers that are important to bring reality to our lives. I use my own experience to present answers to life's problems that work.

I seem to be guided to write and share. When I see a need for sharing certain information, I seem instinctively to sit down and write information for the issue to find a happy resolution. It applies to all parts of our lives. I love doing it.

My work is on YouTube, my blog,, and my website, Angelica's Gifts. In working with my clients, classes, researching and consulting, I find opportunities to add truth to their information. Fear is the absence of information. People have been mislead, misinformed, and lied to for centuries about our lives and how they work in energy of the universe. I try to bring honesty, sincerity, and detachment to promote a happy and harmonious life for everyone.

3. How do you utilize your spiritual gifts/experiences to help others?

I utilize my spiritual gifts and experience through my many actives mentioned above as writing, consulting, speaking, and teaching. However, the gift of counseling that includes regression therapy, channeling, and giving readings is extremely valuable for essential and critical information. These bring hidden information from the altered state or meditative status for awareness for healing to occur. As a spiritually trained minister for counseling, I guide the individual into a healthy, loving resolution.

When a person chooses to move out of fear into a loving consciousness, real change can happen. I found that the basis for life on this planet is transcending fears and karma. This is possible for relationship issues, resolving childhood dramas, medical problems, and illness. In addition, I am on the board and internationally board certified to do past life regression therapy (IBRT). I am on the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

Emotionally, the bigger part of the iceberg below the surface motivates your life. Your subconscious runs your life. Old energy needs to rise above all fears. What you do not know about yourself runs your life. I help people become aware by releasing fear, so they can make healthy, rational choices for a peaceful and balanced life.

4. In your therapeutic work, how do you help clients to help themselves more fully in their own lives?

In my therapeutic work, I help clients by providing a model to balance life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They grow into maturity.

With balancing life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the past or future is not a concern, as living in the "NOW" is the only focus. I include using affirmations for a new mind-set. In addition, flower essences support emotional change to a higher consciousness. Physical health means eating non-toxic foods or drinking not toxic beverages to create a healthy vehicle for the soul. Prescriptions, all drugs, and addictive actions are released for a healthy heart. Spiritual change comes by meditation and spiritual material that supports trusting the universe to support you, rather than traditional experts, friends, or family. The clients become autonomous, empowered, and mature.

5. What else would you like our readers to know about you and your work?

I have spent my whole life experiencing hell and then through my awareness and desire to change, I found heaven on earth. It is my life dream to help others accomplish this through my experience and learning the truth.

I found there are many deterrents outside of ourselves that can stop our looking within for our own answers. Loving yourself you can then extend that love to those around you. Most people extend their fear to others not love. When the pains of growing out of the wounded child are healed, wholeness can occur. At this point, the real you can emerge into a life of peace, prosperity, happiness, and joy. The best place to be is in the presence of love. Today I am fearless.

Each day I say, "I am in joy. I am in gratitude. I am in the presence of God." This is reality. God did not make anything negative; therefore it is not real. The Great Reality is within when you release the obstacles emotionally from allowing your love to flow. This loving, unconditional love can flow through your physical life for health. Life is about giving. It flows out to others and returns in wonderful ways. What you give is what you get. What are you giving?

Thanks, Marilyn!

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