Friday, November 13, 2015

Meet Carolyn Young, Real Estate REMAX Realtor Loudoun Virginia

1. How did you first get into buying and selling houses?

I am a life-long resident of the Northern Virginia area, and I have always loved architecture and the idea of a home versus a house. Twenty years ago, Loudoun County was just starting to really grow, and I decided at the time that real estate was something that I would love to do--I was right! Within six months, I quit my full-time job and have never looked back!

2. What are some of the most often overlooked parts by home owners when selling their home?

Putting a home on the market is all in the details--it's very important, if a seller wants to get top dollar, to allow the buyer to feel comfortable about the home, and by that I mean that the home has been historically well-maintained, and not just staged for one day's showing. For example, caulking, air filters, water filters, ceiling stains, gutters--it all should be buttoned up. Trust me, buyers look at these things.

3. How has the housing market changed in Loudoun County over the past few years?

Loudoun County, like many markets, has been on a roller coaster over the last ten years--rapid rise, rapid fall, flat, and now steady growth. The last five years have been phenomenal in terms of growth--if you moved out-of-state during this time, and moved back, you would be hard pressed to even recognize some areas. There is growth everywhere.

4. What makes a house a good investment?

All things being equal: location. The changing tide will raise and lower all the boats equally; in real estate, however, a home in a good location will fall more slowly and recover more quickly than other homes. Overall, good location stabilizes a home's value over the long term.

5. For anyone reading this who wants to get into investing in properties and fixing them up to resell, what's your advice?

Be prepared to compete with others who have the same idea; know how much materials and labor cost, and choose your properties wisely. Be willing to walk away from the wrong house at the "right" price. And have a good agent on your side, preferably one who owns investment property.

To learn more about some of the properties we have listed with Carolyn Young Real Estate, please visit our Loudoun Virginia Homes for Sale website, and we'll be in touch right away.

Thanks, Carolyn!

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