Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet Andre Belanger, Attorney and Author

Andre Belanger is an award-winning criminal defense trial attorney in Louisiana handling serious and complex state and federal cases. His firm is probably the largest criminal defense firm in the state, and though they primarily handles cases in the greater Baton Rouge area, the have handled cases all over the country. Andre is the author of, The Anatomy of a DWI Arrest, now available on Amazon.

1. What made you decide to focus your career on being a criminal defense trial attorney?

I actually learned how to trial cases as a prosecutor and quickly rose through the ranks of the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office. When my boss retired, I was one of a handful of people entrusted with charging homicide and sex crimes cases. The office is political and not "at will" so with my boss' retirement, I was out of a job. Fortunately, the top criminal defense firm in New Orleans was eager to bring me on board.

2. How often do you handle DWI related cases?

I'll do a a few DWI trials a year. My fees aren't cheap, so generally my clients are those that do want to have someone fight for them and not necessarily escort them through the guilty plea process.

3. What are some common misconceptions that people have about DWI arrests?

That you can't be prosecuted if you didn't "blow into the machine." Answering that question is the genesis for this book. Everything from the beginning of the traffic stop until you are asked to blow into the machine is an artful process by the police to collect evidence to prosecute you whether you provide the breath sample or not.

4. In reading your book, what is some of the key information that people will learn?

A DWI arrest isn't just a traffic ticket. There are some serious consequences to a conviction. So, you do yourself a favor by hiring the best lawyer you can afford.

5. If you could give just three pieces of advice to people when it comes to choosing an effective criminal defense attorney, what would you say?

Ask questions. How many cases have you brought to trial? What is covered with my fee, or what access to you and service to I get for my fee? What is your plan for handling my case?

Thanks, Andre!

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