Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Introducing Knowledge Exchange

Sometimes when I'm online, I just like to browse a website with a collection of interesting articles and videos. This is exactly the kind of site that Knowledge Exchange has set out to be.

You can find articles on a variety of topics, and the two main things that I like about this site are that the articles are clearly categorized under useful descriptive subheadings, and the content on the site is updated every day. I always like a site that promises new content each day--it makes it worthwhile to visit the site to see what's been added since my last visit.

Some of the recent articles on Knowledge Exchange include fall gardening ideas, tips for managing arthritis, and information about the possible benefits of coconut oil. Much of the content on the site focuses on home and health related topics, including cooking, diet, and gardening. There are also articles on business, especially work from home business and ecommerce.

By the way, if you follow Knowledge Exchange on Facebook, you can have little descriptions of new articles posted to your news feed as the website is updated.

This is a site with lots of content, and I think it will continue to grow. I'll be checking back with the site over the next few months to see how it has expanded over time!

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