Monday, July 6, 2015

Meet Jean Francois of

Jean Francois helps in the online promotion world, promoting on social networks, blogs, directories, and more.

1. In your view, what sets apart from other online printers?

At we offer real (human) customer service, where we actually care about design and printing orders. We actually care so much about customer design files, errors, and mistakes, that we even communicate with customers like friends. We help customers to fix their uploaded files, etc. Sometimes, we even do the corrections on the uploaded design file on behalf of the customer. This has helped gain our customers' trust a lot these days.

2. What does the name "55Printing" mean? was born from "A total of 55 printing products." We aimed to offer 55 or more products related to the printing and design field, all with the lowest and best price in the competitive online market.

3. What are some of the most popular products on your site?

Since we went live at our top selling products has been the postcards, business cards, and the EDDM eligible postcard printing product for the USPS delivery system. We also have a top 10 product category where we have collected the most popular products and the ones that our customers order often, like the letterhead printing and envelope printing products; these are very popular as well because of the fact of businesses re-ordering monthly.

4. Do you have some tips for people to make sure that their printed products come out looking just right?

Yes, we do have free templates on our website; customers can download these templates and place their design on top of this file to make sure all design guidelines are within the required distance from borders and also that the color settings (CMYK) look as it should with their design file. Also we offer a FREE design proof service: within four hours of placing the order, we send the customer a proof file with all guidelines and possible recommendations, totally for free. If customer choose to receive the free proof, will not proceed to print before proof approval from customer.

5. What's the favorite part of your job working for do you ever run special pricing promotions?

I personally enjoy this job because working on one of the simplest and, at the same time, lowest priced printing companies online, it is very easy to attract new customers. Plus, we always see people happy with their savings and product quality, lovely!

On top of our already very low pricing scheme, we do also have a constant 5% off right at the left hand side of the site, you will see a banner for social sharing, and if a customer has used our services and opts to recommend us or if someone tries us and wants to share this experience, we will provide them with a 5% off right at that moment of their sharing.

Thanks, Jean!

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