Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Meet Don McClain of EZ House Buyers

Based in Houston, Texas, Don McClain of EZ House Buyers provides a way to sell your house fast.

1. Who can benefit from EZ House Buyers?

EZ House Buyers provides an alternative to the traditional sales channels of hiring a realtor, cleaning up the property, doing open houses and showings, negotiating a contract, inspections, long closings, costly repairs, etc. We assist property owners by providing them with a quick solution and a fair price. We buy properties "as is, where is", and we pay the closing costs. In short, we provide a valuable alternative to property owners who want to sell quickly.

2. What is the average closing time for these transactions?

All we need is to get title work done and make sure there are no outstanding liens on the property that are not being paid. We have closed deals in as little as two days. Sometimes we need the seller's assistance in tracking down missing heirs. Other than that, we can close very quickly--sometimes much faster than the seller was aware that we could.

3. What are the most common reasons for selling a property through EZ House Buyers?

There are many reasons that a property owner would want to sell quickly. Some of the most common are: loss of job, pending foreclosure, illness, divorce, costly repairs, investment property that needs to be sold, death in the family that results in a situation where heirs would rather have the cash than the property. There are many reasons, and EZ House Buyers custom tailors a solution for each seller.

4. What is fair market value price for these properties?

We typically pay more than anyone else in the market. The amount depends on the property type and location, and if it is rural or urban property. We run comparables on the property and typically can pay up to 65% for rural properties and up to 75% for urban properties.

5. How is EZ House Buyers better than other realtors or home buyers for cash?

EZ House Buyers evaluates each situation carefully. We customize a solution for each property owner. If a seller needs to stay in the property for a time after closing, for example, we can do a lease-back to them. Also, we work with the property owners to help them clear title on properties that may have title issues. On each and every deal, we work to make sure everyone is pleased, and we work to get the property owners as much for their property as possible.

Thanks, Don!

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