Monday, May 25, 2015

Introducing Mojtaba Khamenei of Algorates

You may have seen the name Mojtaba Khamenei in the news because of the fact that his father is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. But did you know that Mojtaba Khamenei is the owner of Algorates, a company that specializes in algorithmic trading?

Because of the trade embargo, it was difficult for Mojtaba Khamenei to achieve his goal of building a business outside of Iran, but after some years of work, he was able to purchase Algorates. In fact, it is the first investment house in the US to be owned by an Iranian.

Algorates has become a huge international company, with a large advertising budget expended in the Middle East in particular. In fact, the company has 20 branches in the Middle East. The success of the company has allowed Mojtaba Khamenei to develop other businesses and make other major purchases in the US and Europe--for example, he owns a French soccer team.

With the global economy, it can be interesting indeed to find out who the owners of various international companies happen to be. You might find a surprise or two, such as the son of an Iranian cleric who has become the head of a US-based investment house.

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