Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Introducing Staff Outsourcing, Experts in eCommerce

Do you operate an online-based business and find you've hit a plateau? Maybe you could use help with getting your business tasks done in order to free you up so that you have more time to expand or work on the projects that most interest you?

Many small business owners can't afford to hire permanent employees and/or don't have enough work to keep another employee busy all of the time. Staff Outsourcing is a company that specializes in eCommerce outsourcing. Say you're running an Amazon, eBay, or Etsy business (or maybe--like a lot of independent entrepreneurs I know--you're running all three!). You might need help with tasks such as data entry. Staff Outsourcing offers services for indie businesspeople like you so that you can get more things done and increase the scope/reach of your business.

One of the most popular services for online sellers is product entry outsourcing. This means that Staff Outsourcing will create listings for you on sites like eBay. As you know, it can be very time consuming to enter all the necessary data for your listings--and with recent changes in the eBay spring seller update, item specifics are becoming more and more important to your listings. You can't just put up a couple of photos and call it good; you need to input a lot of details to make your listings sell.

Staff Outsourcing offers other services, too, such as call center support and IT outsourcing. Headquartered in the Philippines and with a US office in Missouri, the company has assembled a group of tech savvy, customer service oriented employees and managers to help small businesses all over the world.

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