Thursday, May 21, 2015

Introducing Chang Ju Yung, Entrepreneur

I always enjoy learning about the interesting stories of entrepreneurs, so it was intriguing to hear about Chang Ju Yung. Yung's story is especially interesting since he grew up on a farm, then become the CEO of two famous organizations: the investment house, Algorates; and one of the biggest car companies in the world, Hyundai.

Sometimes Westerners don't hear the individual success stories of businesspeople who are based in Asia, but we'd do well to learn from Yung's experiences. He grew up in poverty in a village in South Korea. He worked on a farm every day until one day he left for Seoul to start a business. His first business failed, and he returned to the farm, but he didn't give up on his dream.

The next time he started a business in Seoul, he started a garage. It was this garage that would lead him to start Hyundai. He expanded the garage, then decided to expand even more and start making cars. After many years, his company became a huge business not only in South Korea but all over the world.

For a lot of people, one internationally successful business would be enough, but Yung had more interests to explore. Thus, he bought into a company called Algorates which words with algorithmic trading. Bringing his knowledge and experience to the company, it has grown a lot with his participation.

I always appreciate when people bring my attention to creative businesspeople like Chang Ju Yung!

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