Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet Truth Devour, Author

Truth Devour writes: "It is hard to determine precisely what my passions are, given the world presents with so many opportunities. The spaces I like to dabble: writing, reading, traveling, photography, painting, drawing, poetry, music--basically anything that gets my creative juices flowing and supports the mood I am feeling compelled to express. I embrace as many creative variants as time allows to willfully drink from the experiences that assist in coloring the pages of the books I choose to write and you choose to read."

Listen to Truth read the first chapter of her novel, Wantin, in the video below. Wantin is the first book in Truth's Enigma series.

1. What first inspired you to start writing your Enigma series?

I had already written eight novels which to date have remained unpublished. In a turn of chance, I was presented with an awakening to the realities of my life's expiration date. It was at this point I decided to re-evaluate my career choices to pursue a path more fulfilling to me. Shifting my career to align with my creative desires was set to present an ultimate impact in all facets of my life. This resulted in me creating the Adult Contemporary Romantic Trilogy I have titled the Enigma series. I felt it was important to create something that was more than just a love story. It is a compelling life story.

2. How would you describe your protagonist, Talia Jacobs?

The self-publishing review group made the statement: Talia is the type of person everyone wishes they knew but very few get to meet.

She is her own person. A clandestine individual who sees the world through her own unique style of assessment and understanding. She internalizes an immense amount and trusts few. Life has consistently reminded her that she is responsible for herself and that she must be accountable and responsible for her choices.

There is a balance of strength and weakness in her that is depicted throughout the series. She admits to her mistakes and attempts to right her wrongs where possible. Talia has a natural ability to evoke strong connections with all who cross her path.

3. What are some of the challenges involved in writing romantic fiction?

To me this series is far more than just romantic fiction, and so I never personally felt there were any challenges. In saying this, I can imagine if I allowed myself to spend time thinking about the concept of romance I might begin to feel that it's all been said and done before, hence stifling my creative flow.

My biggest challenge when in the process of writing is to shield myself from what is out there in the marketplace. I refrain from reading or watching movies to ensure I reduce any outside influence or noise as I see it. Eg: It's hard to write lyrics and music to a song when you are listening to music in the background.

4. Why did you choose to self-publish your books, and what has your publishing experience been like?

I'm not a fan of rules, and when it comes to my creative expression, I really don't want to be told what I can and can't do. It's okay when you are known in the industry and have established followers and a proven demand for your works. I have no doubt those in this position can call the shots, but as a new person in the literary arena, I am less likely to be granted the freedom that self-publishing affords me.

The learning curve for self-publishing and marketing is steep. I really enjoy the challenge of being an advocate for my own work. I'm constantly learning new things about the process.

5. Would you tell us a bit about the project(s) you're currently working on?

I am just in the process of finalizing book one called Illuminarium of the Soliloquy's Labyrinth Series. I am planning to release this at the beginning of May this year. This series will fall under the genre of Adult Contemporary Fantasy / Paranormal with a psychological edge.

NOTE: Truth Devour would like to invite you to participate as a reviewer of her books. Here's some info about her review crew project...

Take the journey with me...


Soliloquy's Labyrinth Series

I'd like to put together a team of bookworms who enjoy reading & review contemporary fiction to participate in the assessment of my entire series as it is released. (Est. 5 Series). The Super Review Crew will receive advance notification of upcoming releases which includes things like cover reveals, release dates & a guaranteed spot to be among the first to hold the opportunity to review the E-book for free.

How it works?

Go to

Join the Super Review Crew mailing list to confirm you would like to participate. All readers selected on the team must be able to download the book via AMAZON USA, as this is where the gift card is issued from. This is an E-Book review.

All participants are asked to post a star rating & review to AMAZON & Goodreads at a minimum. If you are able to Blog, post on social media this is treasured and much appreciated but completely up to you.

I'm looking for open & honest reviews so no opinion will be vetted, squashed or edited by me.  I want you to place your review directly to the sites you are connected with. I will read them there & always be grateful for your participation.

Spread the word to your friends who might be interested, book clubs ~ all are welcome.

Thanks, Truth!

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