Thursday, March 19, 2015

Moulage: Help Save Lives with Creative Art

Have you heard of medical moulage? It's one of those things you've probably seen but maybe haven't heard the name for--it's the art of creating realistic injury simulation effects to help people train for emergencies. In fact, first responders depend on this type of training to be able to gain experience with detailed, realistic scenarios such as injuries that could occur in natural disasters, violent situations like shootings, military contexts, and accidents.

Taylor Wilmering is the daughter of a former police officer and since 2008 has found her career as a moulage makeup artist, using makeup and other supplies to create realistic injuries on civilian role-players during trainings for such groups as civilians in basic first aid classes, CERT response teams (civilians trained in disaster preparedness and response, light search & rescue, and first aid), EMS personnel, police, and the US military. Taylor is currently running a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for supplies for her moulage kit.

Taylor helps a lot of people with her work, and the cost for supplies really adds up as it takes a lot of equipment to simulate realistic injuries. The cool thing is that most of these supplies are reusable, so for a small investment, you are helping many different people train and practice their skills in helping people who are injured.

Based in Missouri, most of Taylor's work has been with local responders in her home state, but she's also worked in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey. And she's willing to travel wherever she's needed. You can learn more about Taylor by checking out her resume on her website, and you can also connect with her on Twitter.

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