Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meet Video Concepts, Professional Video Editor and Fiverr Seller

Highly respected and well-known Fiverr seller VideoConcepts specializes in editing video directly from the studio. Broadcast, Company, Indie, Home Video, Branding, and more. He promises diligence at a brisk pace until the project is 100% complete. For professional video editing at affordable prices, check out this veteran Fiverr seller.

1. What is the VideoConcepts business model, in regard to your video editing services?

I treat each project as if it were my own, and work closely with my clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. When you work with someone frequently, sometimes two or three times a week, many times involving sensitive or personal information, you come to know the story behind their vision. This is the canvas I use when trying to bring those visions to life. Just as they are selective in whom they entrust with their content, I am selective with what I put my name on.

2. What is a work day like for you?

I've an obligation, not only to the VideoConcepts brand but also to Fiverr, to convey the highest level of professionalism, quality, and customer service possible. When I sit down to work, I have a game face on. It's someone's hard-earned money, and I treat that way. I don't mind long days one bit, and I'm always anxious to see what new challenge the day holds.

3. How did you first hear about Fiverr, and what are some of your favorite things about making your services available through the site?

I can't recall exactly how I ended up on Fiverr for the first time, but I do remember seeing "Buy. Sell. Have fun.", with the hillside header. It didn't take too much poking around before I realized this was going to be a movement one day, and I wanted to be part of it. At that time, however, I was very busy and simply didn't have the time join. I eventually became active and am proud to have grown alongside the Fiverr platform. In fact, I used to shape my Gig Example content around that hillside theme I mentioned, and it worked well with V1 (Fiverr's Version 1). So to answer your question, I'd say one of my favorite things about doing business through Fiverr is being able to watch it grow into the wicked powerful workhorse it is today with V3 (Version 3). I couldn't be happier with direction they're heading.

4. What are some of the most popular video editing services that you provide?

A variety of services are provided, ranging from general post-production to advanced file conversion and graphic design. In addition to the selection of core gigs most familiar to the Fiverr community, I also push myself to release at least one unique gig per year, completely original to the system. In 2012, I launched the first gig on Fiverr catering to the improvement of other sellers' gig example videos. 2015 will see the launch of Fiverr's first Shoulder Set gig. There's always something in the oven :)

5. If you could change one thing or add a new feature to Fiverr, what would it be?

As most know, the stars rating system gives both buyer and seller the opportunity to rate, and publicly displays both parties' overall experience. I personally appreciate any honest feedback, positive or negative, but I've also been fortunate enough to have built a 17-year positive reputation in general, both locally and online. Someone whose reputation is not as established may become a victim of either malicious reviews left by a competitor, a buyer new to Fiverr who innocently fiddles with the stars and unknowingly submits their rating, or the ever so common scenario in which the buyer did not take the time to properly read the gig description, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience due to confusion on their end. I've seen this happen to Level 1 Sellers and Top Rated Super Sellers alike. It's disheartening to watch a fellow seller delete a thriving gig as the only means of removing unwarranted blemishes. I'm aware there are measures in place to deter these types of ratings, but they still slip through. I'd like to see that hole plugged up somehow. I assume Fiverr is refining the rating system at this very moment.

Thanks, Video Concepts!

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