Saturday, March 21, 2015

Meet Robert and Jonathan of Long Live the Internet

Robert and Jonathan own a software and web development company in Miami Beach. They have half a dozen successful online businesses and just as many failed online businesses. Between the two of them, they have five children, all of whom are under six years old. Robert and Jonathan started Long Live the Internet to share their lessons and help people build their own online businesses. They write, "We strive to help people do it on their own. You shouldn’t be stuck in a job you hate with no control over your time. Join us and lets get you started down the path you really want today."

1. What are some common myths that you hear when you talk with people about starting online businesses?

I think the biggest myth is that you need to be technical to start an online business. This is not true at all these days. What you need is a willingness to learn and a drive to succeed. The rest you can learn.

2. I know people who would love to run online businesses but don't have specific ideas for products or services they could sell. How do you suggest that someone get started in terms of generating viable ideas?

We cover this in detail, actually, in our free crash course on how to start an online business, but there are so many ideas. What you really need to make sure of is that you enjoy what you plan on offering and that there is actually a market for it. To learn from our example, this is a post about how we didn't do our research and actually lost $10k building an online business that nobody wanted.

3. What first attracted you to the idea of writing ebooks--and how would you define a "good" ebook?

It wasn't so much that we wanted to write an ebook. We really wanted to start sharing what we were doing with people starting out. An ebook was just another platform besides our blog that we were able to do this. I think a good ebook, though, is less pomp and circumstance and more actionable items. People want direction. I have read too many motivational books.

4. What do you think is holding most people back from starting their own businesses, and what's the first step to take to overcome any hesitations?

I think there are endless things holding each particular person back. It's completely different for everyone. The truth is there is never a perfect time, and the stars don't align. You just need to dive in. I'm a firm believer in lists. Create a checklist to stay organized, focused, and moving forward. I actually wrote a post specifically about this and creating an online business checklist.

5. Would you tell us a little more about your intent with Long Live the Internet and how you help people build their own businesses?

We have worked a long time helping clients on a work for hire basis. I'm hoping that with Long Live The Internet we can give people the tools and encouragement to start something themselves. You don't have to spend lots of money, and you just need some guidance. I'm hoping we can provide that.

Thanks, Robert and Jonathan!

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