Monday, March 2, 2015

Meet Pukka Borg, Clothing Designer and Etsy Seller

Pukka Borg describes herself as a different kind of person. She's always found attractive the unusual stuff but yet interesting and unique things. She is creative, and she spends all her days creating and designing alternative rocker clothing and accessories. Check out her work on Etsy, and follow her on Facebook.

1. How do you get the inspiration for your clothing designs?

Sometimes I spend my time in quiet places and imagine myself wearing an outfit at a certain place with a certain mood. It is like I build up a character. That's why every design I create has a story. After having spent late nights thinking and creating at first, it comes to me more naturally now. My creations have become to be a part of my life, an everyday thing.

2. What are some of the benefits of Etsy as a platform for selling your creations?

I found Etsy is the best platform to promote handmade items. There are so many talented people with different skills and qualities. If everyone tries to understand that all these items are made by a pair of hands, then they will be more appreciated. I thank Etsy for giving me the opportunity to spread my creations to the entire world.

3. Could you tell us a little bit more about the name of your shop and what it means?

Bitten STC stands for Bitten Spread The Curse. The idea behind this name came from dark art culture of which I am currently running a page on Facebook. Once you admire this culture then you are Bitten and will start to Spread The Curse. My designs express this darkness and inspire the "Bitten" culture. Shadow District Project is another page I am running on Facebook. It features my dark creations and the name is derived from the post-apocalyptic theme of my creations.

4. What are some of your favorite materials you like to use, and where do you source your materials?

Studs and leather (vinyl) makes a perfect combination! I usually purchase some of my materials from local shops, but I don't always find what I'm looking for. For certain designs I need to purchase the materials online. Now I am planning to work on new designs which will consist of different types of materials and fabrics. I believe you have to be versatile from time to time.

5. In your own wardrobe, what are some of your "essential" pieces that you love to wear?

I can't separate myself from the SDP Wild Savage Wolf Jacket. I remember one of those terrible cold nights, had to ride on the bike with my husband and I didn't feel even a shiver with this jacket!

The SDP Pointed Hoodie is one of my designs that I wear a lot. It is light weight and I have to admit it I am obsessed with hoodies!

And the SDP Hazard Pants is a unique piece I have. I created this one especially in a Post Apocalyptic theme.

I can't stop mentioning the items I've designed because what I create is what I had always wanted to wear--and most importantly they have to be comfortable.

Thanks, Pukka!

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