Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Meet Josey Milner, Country Singer and Anti-Bullying Spokesperson

Josey Milner is part small town teen, part road-worthy country starlet, and starting at only 17 years old, she turned heads and changed hearts with her debut US single, "Not Pretty Enough." The song thrust Josey into the country music spotlight, launching her anti-bullying campaign with Angels and Doves, and earning her a 2013 Independent Country Music Award nomination for Promising Young Artist, a Top 10 Hottest New Artist designation, and a Number One single on the world’s first independent country music chart, Indie World. Now, 19 and a recent Magna Cum Laude high school graduate, this Top 20 Artist has taken her initial successes to greater heights with "Cowgirls."

Learn more about Josey by visiting her website,, and by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and especially YouTube where you can check out her latest music videos.

1. How did you first become interested in singing, and what's it been like to have gained so many fans for your music at such a young age?

Growing up, I've always loved music. I was constantly listening to the radio, asking for CDs/artist merchandise as gifts, and singing whenever I could. It's just something I always caught myself doing. Before my music, I would sing the National Anthem at rodeos, and that led to me being invited to sing at the National Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis in 2010. From being heard on stage, I was then advised that I should try out the career. Since then, it has been this incredible journey with so much support. I could never thank my family, friends, and fans enough for everything they have done to help out with my music and just supporting me through it all. I am truly humbled. 

2. You're finding some great success with the release of your first singles. Do you have an album in the works?

I do not necessarily have an album, but I do have an EP that we are working on that will have five or six songs. 

3. What do you see as the importance of social media for musicians, and how do you decide what to post on your different social media accounts?

Social media plays a huge role in the music industry today. It allows you to stay better connected with your fans, and it also allows you to keep everyone updated of what you're working on. I run my social media as if I were talking to friends or family. I keep it clean and post some personal stuff, such as pictures, just to show that I do everyday life things as well. Just reassures people that I'm human, too. :)

4. You've been working with some really talented people in country music. Could you tell us a bit about the role of collaboration in your work when it comes to writing, performing, and recording music?

I have not collaborated with anyone yet, but it is definitely something I plan on doing. I think it is so cool when artists do music together because it allows the artists to reach out to other fan bases and sometimes even other genres. I have worked with some pretty amazing people in the studio, though, and that is always exciting! 

5. Finally, would you tell us a little bit about Angels & Doves and your role in working with this organization?

Angels and Doves is an anti-bullying organization that is focused on preventing bullying-related suicides. They go around and talk to schools about bullying and what you can do to help. Being a spokesperson for them, I spread the message about trying to end bullying and to talk to people if you ever need anyone to talk to. They're a really great organization, and I am extremely grateful to be a part of the group. 

Thanks, Josey!

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