Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Have you ever heard of the Norwex brand of products? They are natural, chemical-free products designed to help you clean your home--and more. In addition to their cleaning products, Norwex sells a lot of other products, too, such as bath care items, body lotions, and products specially designed for kids.

If you want to buy Norwex items, you need to buy them through an independent consultant. Suzanne Holt is a Norwex consultant who also maintains an informative blog at In addition to posting content about Norwex products, she also posts a lot of useful tips for keeping your home clean and organized without using chemicals or other products that are dangerous to your family. She has a lot of interesting posts about saving time and money at home, too.

Honestly I've learned a lot about ways to avoid chemicals by reading Suzanne's website. Her ideas are especially relevant if you have kids or if kids regularly visit your home because she's talking about products that aren't hazardous to have around. It's a lot more convenient to pull a cleaning cloth out of a drawer than to take bottles of chemicals back and forth from a high shelf!

If you're looking for a work-from-home business opportunity, Suzanne's site may also be of interest as she tells you how to become a Norwex consultant yourself. You can sell the products at parties and/or to friends online. If you're looking for extra income, I think it's worth it to check out this opportunity as it's a proven one with a demonstrable track record.

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