Friday, February 20, 2015

Introducing CreativInn, a Site to Share Creativity

I was glad to happen upon the CreativInn website. The idea behind the site is to help creative people share their work and be noticed. Creatives can sign up for the site and showcase their projects, link to their websites, share videos, promote events, and more. Also, if you are someone who represents artists, you can use the site to set up pages for the people you represent.

The best way to get an idea of CreativInn is to check out their directory. There are some interesting profiles to explore, with more added all the time.

In browsing the site myself, I found some cool photography work from several different artists. One listing that really stood out to me was the page for Le Village des arts de Dakar in Senegal. The village has exhibitions year round and supports Senegalese artists who work in many different media. The photo below is from the profile for Village des arts de Dakar, and I have to say that it makes me want to see more!

The site also has a blog which offers creative tips and tools. And you can follow CreativInn on Facebook and Twitter to learn about updates to the site.

In short, CreativInn is a new platform for artists, and I think it is going to grow quite a lot this year as more and more artists--and art enthusiasts--discover the site and what it has to offer. One of my favorite things about the site is that it has an international scope, so you can learn about artists and projects from all over the world. And isn't this one of the best things about the internet, that it allows us to share in the creativity of other people without geographic distance being a barrier?

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