Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meet Gail Porter-Harris, Marketer at Coupon Chili

Gail Porter-Harris is part of the marketing team at Coupon Chili, a coupon code and promo codes website that partners with US retailers to offer discounts and deals on products. In this interview she talks a little bit about her role, the current promo codes on offer, and why US consumers should use coupon codes when shopping online.

1. How do you find deals to feature on Coupon Chili?

It works in a number of different ways. Sometimes we are contacted by online retailers who have seen the good work that we are doing in other industries and actually invite us to feature their deals and discounts. A great example of that would be the McAfee software company. They approached us after seeing the great work we had done with other anti-virus products and asked if we would feature McAfee promo codes on the Coupon Chili website--of course, we said yes!

In most cases, though, it's via the affiliate marketing networks that we are members of. When a new retailer launches in the affiliate space, we will connect with them to see if they would like to feature coupon codes and promo codes on our website and go from there.

2. What are some of the new deals you're featuring from McAfee?

The main McAfee promo codes that we currently range are giving a massive half-price-off all the software products, including, for example, McAfee Livesafe, McAfee Security Center, McAfee Total Protection, and so on. Your readers can try out some of the McAfee promo codes on our website by visiting our McAfee coupon codes section.

3. What are some other popular deals on your site?

We find that coupon codes are very seasonal. At the moment with Christmas time coming, we are finding that a lot of people are using our Garmin coupons. Personally I think that's down to the time of year when people are driving to see their relations around the country and want to make sure that they have the most up to date GPS maps available--that's the only reason I can think!

We are also seeing a lot of volume at the moment on our generic GPS navigation coupons which I assume is for similar reasons. Then of course, the cosmetics companies that we work with are also seeing some uplift--that time of year I guess!

4. Personally, I always look for coupons online before making a purchase, but I know many people don't. What do you think holds people back when it comes to using coupons online, and what would you say to encourage people to start using coupons?

Perhaps laziness is the reason? I am the same as you--I will always seek out a bargain, no matter how long it takes! The McAfee promo codes are a fantastic example of why you should use online coupon codes. If you didn't, you'd be paying full whack, and by using Coupon Chili you save half price. Surely that's a compelling enough reason? But then, not everyone's as Internet savvy as we are, I suppose?

5. From the perspective of business owners, why is it important to offer coupons as part of an online marketing strategy?

Great question! Well, if you think from an SEO perspective by having coupon codes on various websites it can really help a retailer with their backlink profile.

From a more traditional marketing perspective, though, it's about matching the competition. Every retailer worth their salt now does coupon codes, so if you aren't, then the consumer might look elsewhere. That's my view on it, anyway.

Thanks, Gail!

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