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Meet Christos Pittis, Educator and Entrepreneur

Born in Cyprus, Christos Pittis is an entrepreneur and teacher who offers a variety of courses through Udemy. He holds degrees in Economics and Management and has worked as a Business Services Consultant in Dubai, Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt. His Udemy classes emphasize accounting and bookkeeping, global entrepreneurship and marketing, social media, and other topics. Learn more about Christos on his Udemy profile and by watching the YouTube video below.

1. How did you first hear about Udemy, and what made you decide to start teaching through the site?

I used to run my own educational organization, and also at that time, around 2013, we were operating a live online school. I did a search on the web to see what competitors were doing. I come across a marketing course on Udemy, not Udemy's landing page directly. I paid to enroll in that course, and I was impressed, not only by the quality of the course, but the platform as well. It was the best online platform I'd seen.

I am an accounting teacher as well, and I started teaching accounting back in 2006, so I had the material ready. So I purchased a camera and a mic, and I started filming my course to upload to Udemy.

2. You offer a variety of courses. How did you decide which courses to teach?

I have created six courses so far, and I am in the process of publishing one more course. The course name will be "Interviews with 10 Startup Owners," or something like this. It is not finalized yet. I have two accounting courses, one for beginners and one for intermediate users. I also have one course for YouTube channel owners, one for the largest social media network in Europe (VKontakte, the so-called "Russian Facebook"), one for website building with the help of freelancers, and one entrepreneurship course for young entrepreneurs. Here is the complete list:

  • Accounting 101: A Beginner's Guide to Business Accounting
  • Accounting 102: A Intermediate Guide to Business Accounting
  • VKontakte: Beginner's Guide to European Social Media
  • Website Secrets: Get a Gorgeous Website on the Cheap
  • Become a Global Entrepreneur: A Young Professional's Guide
  • YouTube: Transform your channel into a money making machine

Click here to see my Udemy profile:

Now allow me to answer how I decide on what courses to offer. It is a combination of three factors:

  1. My personal knowledge and experience
  2. Trending courses at Udemy
  3. The most popular Google keyword searches
3. What would you say distinguishes your courses in terms of the quality of content as well as your professional experience?

I focus on the following aspects:

  • Value-delivering on expectations and learning objectives
  • Content quality: relevancy, structure, comprehensiveness, and accuracy
  • Instructor quality: credibility, delivery, and responsiveness
  • Practical applications: quizzes, resources, and exercises
  • Technical quality: clear audio and video

I also try to make things as simple as possible. I do the hard work and deliver material to students with step by step instructions and guidelines. I like to talk with students and learn from them as well.

I have some experience in my professional life which I apply to my teaching. I am an entrepreneur as well, and I used to work as an ERP consultant for one of the best applications of Microsoft.

4. Could you tell us a little more about what students can expect from your courses? What kind of content will they receive, and do they get to interact with you personally to ask questions or get feedback?

Students will receive expert tips and guidance that are difficult to find elsewhere. They will also receive important information and learn how to do things properly. They can get support and often updates as I revisit and revise my course materials. My courses usually contain around 80% video and 20% quizzes, pdf documents, and presentations. Most of the time, I offer discounts to my students for upcoming courses of mine.

I am always open to answer any questions and assist students with performing specific tasks.

5. What makes Udemy a good resource for people who want to grow as entrepreneurs?

Udemy offers almost 20,000 courses in various topics like business, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, and even yoga classes! More than 10,000 skilled and well-known instructors from all over the world are teaching through this platform. Additionally, Udemy offers a lifetime access guarantee, so once you buy the course, you'll always be able to access the course content. Large organizations can subscribe in a flexible and economic plan to educate their employees.

6. How can interested people sign up for your new course "Interviews with 10 Startup Owners"?

The new course will be released in January or early February 2015, and anyone interested can submit a valid email address by clicking the link below. The normal price will be $299, but I offer a very good discount for the readers this blog at $99. For more information, please click here

Thanks, Christos!

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