Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meet Kereen Henry, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and CEO of The EntreMarketing Group

Kereen Henry is the CEO of The EntreMarketing Group, a company which focuses on helping women succeed in business. She has a true passion for helping women start new business ventures and make them successful. As a professional marketing consultant, Kereen has a true knack for helping business women build their brands.

1. What is the goal or purpose of The EntreMarketing Group?

The purpose of The EntreMarketing Group is to help women build successful businesses while balancing their lives. Many of us are mothers and wives. We work full time and still try to make extra income on the side. Juggling all of this is overwhelming, and that's where we come in. We will blog for you, update your website, post via social media--basically we provide all the services that are important but time-consuming. Our work helps women reach a broader audience and stay relevant, which in turn increases their return on investment.

2. How did your own success with real estate inspire you to start The EntreMarketing Group?

Real estate provided me the capital to be able to start The EntreMarketing Group without having to obtain a loan.

3. Why is web marketing so important, and what are some of the activities that are included in "web marketing"?

Web marketing is now more important than ever because statistics show that majority of consumers browse online before going to a store to buy anything. By being able to market and educate your audience online efficiently, you will be able to capitalize on these potential customers who browse before they shop. Some of the activities that are considered as "Web Marketing" are Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing.

4. How can a PR firm help individuals and businesses in ways that might be more powerful than someone doing their own PR?

Most women entering a business are already overwhelmed with the many facets of running a business, and a PR firm allows them the time to concentrate on internal operations while outsourcing marketing objectives to a company who has the know-how and connections to successfully reach their target market. The majority of corporations engage in this process of outsourcing their PR to a company that concentrates in this arena. We at The Entremarketing Group provide the resources of big business PR & marketing, for women starting a business.

5. As someone who started her own company, do you feel this puts you in a unique position in terms of being able to assist other women entrepreneurs to reach their goals?

Definitely, because not only was I a marketing major in college, but I have experienced my own success and failures. These experiences have given me the knowledge to assist other women starting a business.

Thanks, Kereen!

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