Friday, October 24, 2014

Introducing Ludovic Biyong, CEO of

Just under the age of 30, Ludovic Biyong is the CEO of Camernews. The name of the site combines the words "Cameroon" and "news," and includes a variety of content, from news articles to classified ads, for people who live in Cameroon or want to keep up with events there. It really is a nice-looking site with lots of content, and it's expanding every day as Ludovic continues to pour his heart into working on it.

Ludovic is a software engineer by trade. He was born in Paris but experienced living in Cameroon in 1997. In addition to Camernews, he also operates an IT consulting firm in Cameroon called PA2M.

He has built Camernews on a very low budget, leveraging his knowledge of SEO, social media, and other low-cost but high-return marketing techniques. For example, he maintains an active presence for Camernews on Facebook--check out his page here, and I think you will enjoy looking at the photos he's posted to give readers a good idea of some of the many things he loves about the country of Cameroon.

You can also learn more about Camernews on Twitter and YouTube. Much of the content that Ludovic posts is in French, but I noticed on the YouTube page in particular, you can find content in English.

I think Ludovic's work is a great example of an entrepreneur finding a project he loves.

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