Monday, September 22, 2014

Introducing Tom Potter, Photographer

I've been to Colorado on vacation more than once, and the natural environment there is just plain beautiful--there's really no better way to describe it! From the mountains to the rivers to the plants and wildlife, there are plenty of subjects worthy of contemplation. And that doesn't even mention the incredible rock formations.

Tom Potter is a photographer who lives in Colorado and loves to photograph landscapes, wildlife, and basically everything having to do with nature. He grew up in New York but lived amidst the scenery of Colorado for almost 20 years now. He has studied at the New York Institute of Photography and Brooklyn College, and continues to expand his work through self-study. His work explores the year-round beauty of Colorado and offers a way to bring a bit of that beauty into your home.

Tom began by shooting on film but became interested in digital photography. On his website, he sells prints of his work on canvas as well as fine paper. If you're looking for photos of Colorado taken by someone who truly loves the local surroundings, you'll want to check out Tom's work. His photos of animals are wonderful, too!

He also accepts customer requests to shoot specific locales within 100 miles of his home; you can contact him for specific details if you want to discuss a custom piece.

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