Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet Harry Bettencourt of

Harry Bettencourt runs an ecommerce store dedicated to selling bar stools. With a background in design, he sources his stock from the best designers around the globe, importing them back into the UK, and then re-selling them via

1. What inspired you to start a website focused specifically on bar stools and related products?

It was my time spent working with Italian interior designers during a year in Rome. These guys are hugely talented and opened by eyes up to how different shapes and forms could make a difference to the feel of a room. I was interested mainly in kitchen design, and at the time in Italy, the breakfast bar was quite popular. Of course, an integral part of these installations are breakfast bar stools or kitchen bar stools. When I got back to the UK, I kept some of those relationships open with the Italian guys and brokered a deal to import their bar stools back to the UK.

It grew from there, and I haven't really looked back since!

2. Why do you think that bars/bar stools have become a popular for home decor?

It's funny, because in the 1970s and 1980s, having a small bar in your home was actually quite popular, but then seemed to disappear during the 1990s and early 2000s. I am not honestly sure why there has been a renaissance in using bar stools with interior design, or having home bars.

What I would say though is that nowadays there is a huge amount of choice on the market. Kitchen bar stools can be retro, modern, contemporary--you name it, there will be a bar stools to suit a design or style.

3. I've noticed a lot of retro styled furniture lately, but what do you think are the prevailing trends today?

In terms of trends, I can only go on which bar stools sell in the highest volumes via my website, and the last six months it's mainly been the more classic stuff. So bar stools which incorporate wooden and leather elements, that kind of thing.

In the UK at least, it seems like people are harking back to classic design, and I don't mean retro by that, but just timeless pieces that complement a high quality kitchen refurbishment. Those types of bar stools are selling very well right now.

4. How do you decide which designs/products to feature in your shop?

I tend to subscribe to most of the leading interior design magazines to see what type of trends are developing. Based on that, I can get a good idea on what bar stools will suit the forthcoming designs and then order on those lines.

5. What's your best advice to people who are shopping for furniture and want to choose something that will last for many years?

I always go by the mantra that if you buy cheap, you buy twice (although we do have some items currently on a promotional sale). All of our bar stools are made of the best materials with real attention to detail--plus we have long guarantees, so come check us out!

Thanks, Harry!

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