Saturday, September 27, 2014

Introducing Custom Made Baseball Caps from HeartJacking

HeartJacking is a company which got its start when a young entrepreneur from France had the idea to sell clothing made with electroluminescent material created through fiber optics. The results are some very cool custom-made baseball caps.

If you're into clubbing and partying, imagine having a customized hat that lights up in the dark. You can choose from a variety of colors in selecting the hat and accents you want, and you can choose the text that you want to have on the cap. If you have a nickname, for example, this would be a great way to have a unique item that would allow your friends to recognize you right away, even in a darkened room.

You can start with a specific theme as the base for your hat. Themes include sports (such as NY Yankees hats), music, and ganja. You can also choose different shapes and styles for your cap, such as mesh, snapback, closed back, and so on. Really there are a lot of options given on the site, and if you have questions, be sure to contact the company directly.

HeartJacking prides itself on being a small company with top-notch customer service. Their hats have caught the eye of a many different entertainers including Cee-Lo, Ice Cube, and Katy Perry. They also make some other items such as light up masks and helmets. If you've always imagined having your own LED headgear, HeartJacking is definitely worth checking out.

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