Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Temp Agencies In San Antonio: Get The Job You Want Now

The information that follows is a guest post provided by LeadingEdge Personnel, a temporary staffing agency with offices in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. This video gives an overview of their services for job seekers.

Temp Agencies In San Antonio: Get The Job You Want Now

Finding a job in San Antonio is tougher than ever. Thousands spend days on end searching job boards and writing countless cover letters, never to hear a response. It's enough to leave any job-seeker hopeless and despaired.

What do you do? You've already groomed your resume to perfection and customized every cover letter to a tee.

The answer is simple. Try the job placement agency, LeadingEdge Personnel.

LeadingEdge Personnel is hired by all sorts of top companies to help with staffing needs. Their main purpose is to find qualified candidates to fill positions. Why not take advantage and work with them? With both efforts, you'll be sure to land the perfect job in no time.

How a Temp Agency Works

When a company posts an open position on a job board, they receive an outrageous number of responses, some serious, some not. Imagine having to go through all of them, read resumes, and then narrow down who is worthy of an interview. Seems pretty difficult, huh?

Exactly. This is why companies outsource to a temp agency. They can find relief from the work it takes to find candidates and skip to the interview part.

You can do the same. LeadingEdge Personnel is already looking for candidates with your skills and experience. All you have to do is put yourself in their sights. By setting up a meeting with LeadingEdge Personnel and signing up for their FREE service, you'll instantly set yourself apart from the crowd and finally be placed in the job of your dreams.

Employment Agencies Go the Extra Mile

During your initial consultation, a LeadingEdge representative will assess your skills and experience. This helps in the matching process and provides the representative with vital information about you. You can tell them which industry you're looking to go into, what type of benefits you're looking for, if you're only looking for temporary employment, etc.

This information will also help the representative advise you on how to make yourself as competitive as possible.

For example, LeadingEdge Personnel offers skills training courses, improvement workshops, and other beneficial tools that help job-seekers gain the advantages they need. Not many other San Antonio job placement services can say that.

The Employment Agency Difference

How many times have you sent a resume out and never heard a response back? Dozens of times? A couple of dozen times?

This is an unfortunate fate many job-seekers face. Why? Because all job-seekers have access to exactly the same resources. You search the same job boards, email the same companies, and call in the same favors.

This is why using a temp agency like LeadingEdge Personnel can give you the ultimate advantage. Not only do they have access to hundreds of quality jobs, but they also have personal relationships with hiring managers. These are the kinds of resources that get people off of the job boards and into the workplace.

In fact, according to the American Staffing Association, over 2 million people are employed by staffing companies every business day, and staffing companies hire 8.6 million temporary and contract employees every year!

The odds are in your favor. Contact job placement service, LeadingEdge Personnel, in San Antonio today and get the job you've always wanted.

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