Saturday, August 16, 2014

Introducing Happy Smart Me

Happy Smart Me is a blog meant to inspire women to enrich their lives by tending to their bodies, minds, and spirits. The site's about page describes it as a "community and conversation," which I think is apt. The posts are meant to get readers thinking and sharing their own responses, ideas, experiences, and so on.

This is a site that embraces diversity and self-esteem. I definitely get the feeling that the editors and writers value their readers and appreciate the time that women spend reading the site.

Some recent topics covered on Happy Smart Me include health, body image, yoga, domestic violence, and bullying. I particularly enjoyed an article that featured an interview with a 20-something BMX racer who has taken the idea of the vision board to a new level by creating a three-dimensional "motivation mirror" that gives her a personal boost every day. If you have ever used collage to make a vision board or other self-explorative piece, be sure to check out the motivation mirror story here.

I like that this community is geared toward women of different ages, and I suspect that as time goes on, the site will represent an even greater collection of women's voices. It's always fun to find a new site to watch, and I'll be following Happy Smart Me on Facebook, too, to see where the site goes!

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