Wednesday, August 6, 2014

365 Wisdom Seeds from Coach, Author, and Artist, Annachiara Simonetti

Annachiara Simonetti is a certified coach as well as an artist with many years of experience in yoga, meditation, energy healing, spirituality, and personal development. She brings her personal and professional experience to her first e-book, Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 Wisdom Seeds to Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities. Annachiara has just launched her book in Kindle format, and you can learn more about it on Amazon.

The book is a collection of highly empowering quotes and questions to ask yourself to stay joyful and peaceful and find the gifts in our life challenges. The material in the book is meant to be uplifting and solution-focused. Sounds good to me, I have to say!

Readers can use the book in different ways: the seeds can be starting points for a daily meditation practice, or they can be sprinkled throughout your day whenever you need some affirmation. I think they would be useful for prompts for journaling or other creative practices.

In the author's own words, "There is beauty inside every single person. I believe that each person should be what they truly are meant to be and find their happiness and fulfillment. I know through my personal experience and working with many clients that we all are resourceful beyond our wildest dreams."

This would be a great book to download to your smartphone, to keep words of wisdom in your pocket so that you might draw on their inspiration any time.

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