Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet Robert James, Marketing Manager of The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is a website which connects voice actors with those wishing to hire a voice. The site lists high-rated freelance voice actors available for casting in radio or TV commercials, telephone on-hold messages, narration, in-store announcers, corporate recordings, and more.

Our interview is with The Voice Realm's marketing manager, Robert James.

1. How has the voice over industry changed in recent years?

It has changed dramatically. We are seeing a shift in clients moving online to save time and money when casting voice actors. Many voice talent now have their own professional home studios, so this can pass on massive savings to clients, by not needing to book expensive studio time.

2. How do clients find and collaborate with voice talent using your site?

They can easily search through our database of talent, or they can have the system send out their script, and voice talent will record a sample audition for them free. Then once they find the voice they like, they simply hire the voice and download the recording.

3. My thought is that online services like yours make it easier for small business owners and individuals to afford voice over services for a variety of projects. What other benefits do you see to making voice over services available online?

Other than the cost, it is the time that is saved. Prior to online websites such as The Voice Realm, there would be the need for casting directors and studio time and the engineer. It was a long, drawn out process that took days and sometimes weeks.

4. Do the voice actors you work with have home studios or other professional recording equipment/resources that they utilize?

All our talent record in their own professional home studios. It is exactly the same sound you would get from a big studio in NYC or London, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

5. What are some unique uses for voice over work that you've seen (heard?) in your experience in the industry?

We've cast voice talent for toys and dolls, and someone once paid one of our voices to make a dramatic opening, kind of like a movie trailer, to be played at his wedding. That was quite funny and unique.

Thanks, Robert!

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