Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Kickstarter for a Cool New iPhone Case

You know I love an interesting crowdfunding campaign, so here's a Kickstarter for a product called CasePlug. It's an iPhone case which has built-in mounting, charging, syncing, and a kickstand, all in one. It's a compact and easy to use product.

As someone who is apt to lose things like plugs, adapters, and so on, I like the convenience of having everything in one case. It has great appeal for minimalists who want something that looks sleek and is highly functional. In short, it's a "plug & play" replacement for all the accessories you need for your phone. It works by having an integrated USB plug that you can plug into an outlet, car radio, or laptop computer. It has wireless capability as well. And it allows you to use your phone to control the device you're connecting to.

Through the Kickstarter, you can buy CasePlug for $25, which is the introductory price. Check out the Kickstarter link for more info. Today (July 31, 2014) marks the official launch of the Kickstarter campaign, which is cool if you're someone who likes to be one of the first to sign up for a new product!

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