Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Introducing Mia, an Illustrator on Fiverr

Have you ever wanted to have some professional illustrations done but felt that you couldn't afford it? Mia is an illustrator who offers her services on Fiverr, and she creates unique illustrations starting at just $5. She creates all sorts of images for her customers, and so far, her most popular gig has been creating illustrations for children's books. She creates illustrations for all sorts of books, too, not just children's books.

Mia also will design a character for you, make an illustration based on your own photo or concept, do vector illustrations, make motion comics, and more. She is a talented artist who wants to share her skills and build her portfolio. She loves drawing and coloring images, and as she says herself, "basically I'm doing what I love.

For just $5, isn't it worth a try? You could have a unique image to use on your website, or what about a unique Facebook banner or maybe an image to use as an avatar? The possibilities are endless. Honestly, Fiverr is one of my favorite websites because you get the chance to work with creative artists and entrepreneurs for super-affordable rates. It's a fun way to connect with up and coming creative professionals.

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